A step by step guide in defending your home

Here is a simple guide on how to think about defending home. Reinforce: how hard is your home to get into? Is there a reliable alarm system? Is it lit up at night so you can see how out but a burglar has a hard time seeing in? Are your doors and windows locked and reinforced? Do you have enough time from initial contact to call the cops and get in a defensive posture? Defense: do you have the tools necessary to defend your home assuming a burglar is already in the house such as a gun, baseball bat, or knife? Is there a standard practice you and your family have in place in this situation such as kids go into closets and adults call for help and defend the home? Assault: How well are you able to assault through the enemy? If you are properly prepared it is sometimes necessary to show extreme violence in order to stop the threat. Always assume there is more than one threat in the house and take the necessary precautions to clear the inside and outside of your home before you assume it is over with. Withdrawal: If none of these other steps work it might be necessary to have a plan to barricade or evacuate. In this case, do you have the tools necessary to reinforce a room inside your house or escape through a window or door? It always helps to look through the lens of a burglar and exploit any weaknesses in your home. Roleplay with your family to determine any weaknesses and think of corrective actions. This should be done enough times until your family knows exactly what to do without being told.

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