Home Defense: Pistol vs Shotgun

When it comes to home defense there is an argument to be made about what firearm is best equipped to defend your home. For someone who does not practice marksmanship on a regular basis or there is a concern with crossfire or rounds going through walls I would recommend a shotgun with birdshot. First, you don’t have to be a good shot to hit your target. Second, it will take the intruder down. Third, there is less of a concern with collateral damage because the rounds don’t have the power to blow through walls as much as a shotgun slug round or your typical pistol rounds such as .45 or 9mm. For someone who is experienced with shooting and has a law enforcement or military background, I would recommend a pistol. First, it’s easily concealed and more accessible than a shotgun. Second, it can have more stopping power than a handgun depending on the type of round you are using. Third, it can hold a lot more rounds than a shotgun and you don’t have to worry about reloading in most cases.

As with any decision in defending your home start with a bird’s eye view and than start working your way through the details. I am not telling you which one is better suited for you but merely making a recommendation. Ask yourself where are they most likely to enter? What bedrooms they would come upon first? How fast is your reaction time and law enforcements reaction time? Once you answered these questions as well as questions that you thought through on your own make an educated decision.

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